College Committees

Ethnic and Gender Diversity Committee


This committee is primarily responsible for the compliance and reporting of diversity activities. Diversity is based on better understanding and tolerance of the cultural heritage, perspectives, viewpoints and experiences of others.

  • Chair – Kay Wolf, College and Career Readiness Director
  • Amanda Allen, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Tyler Buchanan, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Sherry Fox, Library Assistant
  • Starr Hogan, Events Technician
  • David Jons - Spanish Instructor
  • Robert Keeling - Advertising & Graphic Design Program Coordinator
  • Toni Knott - Learning Assistance Coordinator/Instructor
  • Wanda Knight - Institutional Research and Planning Associate
  • Sheryl Monroe - Employment and Benefits Specialist
  • Vita Nations - Coordinator of Extension Education
  • Crystal Snover - Educational Opportunities Coordinator
  • Susan Cain - Faculty Senate/Communications Instructor

Meeting Minutes