College Committees

Sexual Awareness for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) Committee


As required by federal law, the Sexual Awareness for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) Committee will develop and periodically review a primary prevention and awareness program that promotes awareness of rape, acquaintence rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking to educate all students and college employees on sexual violence.  

  • Chair – Cheryl Contino-Conner, Dean of Students
  • Jennifer Ashlock, Health Sciences Co-Advisor/Student Support Services
  • Thom Brooks, Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
  • William Brothers, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Chrystal Deitz, Jackson County Sherriff Deputy - Campus Resource Officer
  • Sheryl Monroe, Employee and Benefits Specialist
  • Lisa Sizemore, Director of Human Resources
  • Kenneth Woodring, Jackson County Sherriff Sergeant - Campus Resource Officer