Classroom Management

Academic Integrity – Faculty Responsibilities

Academic Integrity is essential to student success at SCC.  As a faculty member, we ask that you take this responsibility seriously.  
Be proactive in explaining your expectations to students, and try to make integrity a consideration in their learning.  Always include in your syllabus if you plan to apply course-level penalties for plagiarism or other integrity violations.  

Classroom Technology

The majority of classrooms are equipped with the following:
·    Data projector and screen
·    Internet-connected desktop computer
·    Desktop monitor
·    Room-size speakers
·    Integrated DVD player
·    Connectivity for guest laptops (for student presentations)
If you are assigned to a room without a necessary piece of equipment (or would like to request access to an Elmo / overhead projector), please contact your department's Administrative Assistant or Dean for assistance.

Computer Labs

Computer labs for student use are available in the following locations:
  • Founders Hall (Rooms 106, 116, 117, 123, 124, 125) (Computers are available for use when classes are not in session in the room.  Please see the door sign for availability.)
  • The Learning Assistance Center
  • Holt Library

Copying / Word-Processing Support

Consult with your division administrative assistant to determine support available.  Please give the division administrative assistant sufficient time to complete help with your request.

Disability Services - Office

SCC adheres to the federal definition of a disability includes a person who has the following characteristics:
1.     A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities,
2.     A record of such impairment, or
3.     Is regarded as having such impairment.


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