Institutional Review Board

About SCC's Institutional Review Board


Southwestern Community College is committed to safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects through the use of an Institutional Review Board. The duty of the IRB is to review research protocols, modify/approve protocols, ensure/wave informed consent, and conduct continuing reviews of ongoing research on behalf of the institution.

Institutional Review Board Committee: Chair - Dr. Barbara Putman

The Institutional Review Board performs critical oversight functions for college research projects involving human subjects that are scientific, ethical or regulatory in nature. In accordance with the Research Act of 1973, members will meet on an as-needed basis to make informed decisions on whether various research projects of the college are ethical, informed consent is sufficient, and appropriate safeguards have been put in place.

  • Bucky Dann 
  • Johnathan Dean
  • Stephen Hesselbirg
  • ​Eddie Lundsford
  • Megan Ayscue

Human Protections Administrator

The Human Protections Administrator provides staff support to the IRB through communication, education and record keeping. The Administrator also has other responsibilities for reporting, monitoring and oversight.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Types of Reviews & Forms

There are a number of variables that will determine if a research project needs to be reviewed by the IRB. Likewise, there are several different levels of review which are outlined below.

The actual forms are attached to the bottom of this page below the descriptions for you to download. Click on the link to download and view the .pdf file.

Exempt Review

Research falls into one of six ‘exempt’ categories; involves less than minimal risk; has no vulnerable populations; Review by IRB Chair only.

Expedited Review

Research falls into one of seven ‘expedited’ categories; involves less than minimal risk; has vulnerable populations; Review by IRB Chair only.

Full Review

Research involves significant risk; has vulnerable populations; Full Committee review. 

Continuing Review

Annual review of ongoing projects; identify any additional protocols or changes; IRB Chair may review but could escalate to other review levels depending on changes. 

We have also attached the SCC Institutional Review Board Charter and Standard Operating Procedures below as a .pdf form for you to download and view.


Continuing Review Questionnaire (Word Doc)

Continuing Review Questionnaire (PDF)

Exempt Protocol Form (Word Doc)

Exempt Protocol Form (PDF)

Expedited Review Form (Word Doc)

Expedited Review Form (PDF)

Full Review Form (Word Doc)

Full Review Form (PDF)