Professional Development Training

You mean I might actually enjoy writing that 20 page paper?! -- (How success in college & satisfying career choice and is tied to Mental Health and Well-Being now.)



Peter Buck, Student Counselor

Start Date: 

September 27, 2018, 3:00 pm

End Date: 

September 27, 2018, 4:00 pm


Bradford 306


  • What if our students were able to approach learning new skills and information with quieter minds and simple curiosity?
  • What if our students were able to write in-depth papers and do complex projects with: 1) a reasonable estimate of the time they have; 2) the ability to take the next step with undivided (more or less) attention – just being with that step. And then the next step – in a place of well-being. Etc. Until the assignment is complete.
  • What if when our students got stuck they noticed “Oh, I need to get some practice with this new skill.”… Rather than berating themselves for not already having mastered it.
  • What if our students were considering their future career choices from a place of current well-being?
This workshop will address the central obstacle to students being able to do college work and make career decisions… with clear minds and a sense of well-being. It will include handouts, access to videos, queries and insights to help us keep in mind the foundational role that well-being plays in college success and satisfying career choice.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the two basic “identities” humans have… and why doing overrides being
  • Understand the “calling” that arises with being… And the “calling” that arises with the “Performance Self”
  • Discuss how “being” is essential to enjoying complex work that we are not yet competent in
  • Apply the “Healthy–Thinking” Table to help students do school work with minimal stress and consider career options from a place of well-being