Campus Safety and Security

Critical Incident Response

In the event of a critical incident, the following are response guidelines:
  • Keep calm and make sound decisions.
  •  Move to a SAFE location and contact 911 with as much information as possible, e.g., description of incident, person(s) involved. If safe, contact the College Information Center by dialing 0 or send out an email to notify as many as possible. 
  • Notification of a Lockdown will be made via SCC classroom telephones and notification system as available in all buildings and locations.  Building Coordinators, Law Enforcement and Housekeeping/Maintenance personnel may verbally announce a lockdown.  Procedures for using the notification system can be located at
  •  Staff and faculty should direct students and visitors to the closest building/room that can be secured. 
  • All doors should be locked.  Turn off the lights and close the window blinds.
  •  Direct students to sit on the floor next to an interior wall away from the doors and windows. 
  • Remain silent so not to attract attention and silence cellular phones.
  • If you have injured people, then utilize the “RED” card where available. 
  • Remain under lockdown until advised the crisis has been resolved.
  • DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR or LEAVE the classroom/building unless an all-clear is given or instructed to do so by Law Enforcement or Security. 
  • Law Enforcement personnel from many different agencies will be responding to the campus. Some may be in civilian clothing so identifying a Police Officer could be difficult. Remember, Law Enforcement personnel will come to evacuate you once the crisis or threat is eliminated.