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Southwestern Community College’s Small Business Center (SBC) is part of a Small Business Center Network statewide network designed to support the development and growth of small businesses.

Millions of Americans choose to pursue the dream of being their own boss. Just look around our community and you will see strong evidence that the free enterprise system is alive and well. But turning the dream of small business ownership into reality is no easy task. It often requires intensive planning and research, creative problem solving, strong determination to succeed, and the savvy to navigate countless regulatory agencies and resource options.

Your Small Business Center can help, and we are right here in your local community serving Jackson, Macon and Swain counties!
Our experienced counselors and trainers can help take the confusion out of what can seem like an endless list of rules, regulations, and red tape. We can show you what it takes to start your business, serve as a sounding board for your ideas, and assist you as your business grows.

The SBC offers a multi-faceted approach to facilitating business development by providing prospective and current small business owners with a central point of contact for information, education, and assistance.

Seminars & Workshops

The Small Business Center hosts a steady schedule of seminars designed to have a positive impact on your bottom line. You can take advantage of these free high-impact seminars at convenient times designed to fit your busy schedule. Many of the seminars and workshops are provided at no cost or for a nominal fee. Expert presenters are brought to the campus to assist in meeting the training needs of small business owners. 
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The Small Business Center also has a Facebook page! Please visit it for the latest news, events and updates.
If you have questions, please call us at 828.339.4426.


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