Faculty/Staff Directory

Staff Part-Time

Name Title Email Phone Number
David Allen Part-Time Cleaning Technician I c/o 339.4611
Gabrielle Beam-Hiatt LAC Consultant - Jackson/Non-Peer Tutor, UTAC Advisor g_beam@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4325
Pam Bell Part-Time Qualified Assistant - NPS PRLEA pbell@southwesterncc.edu 828.306.7036
Julie Bennett Part-Time Tutor Program Coordinator j_bennett@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4304
Amanda Blanton Part-Time EMS Assistant al_blanton@southwesterncc.edu 828.306.7053
Nathan Breedlove EMS Clinical Coordinator n_breedlove@southwesterncc.edu 828.306.7051
Elise Bryson Administrative Assistant - Small Business Center e_bryson@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4426
Savannah Conley Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Public Safety Training Center s_conley@southwesterncc.edu 828.306.7034
Robert Cook Law Enforcement In-Service Training Coordinator r_cook@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7052
Hannah Evans Part-Time Cleaning Technician I h_evans@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4611
Katherine Godsey Adjunct Instructor - Transition English/Reading; LAC Consultant - Macon k_godsey@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
Theresa Haynie Part-Time Cleaning Technician I t_haynie@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.366.2000
Starr Hogan Events Technician s_hogan@southwesterncc.edu 828.339.4321
David Hughes LAC Consultant - Jackson, Macon d_hughes@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4325
Esther Izquierdo Adjunct Instructor - College and Career Readiness; LAC Consultant - Macon e_izquierdo@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4272
Benji Johnson Part-Time Fire/Rescue Support b_johnson@southwesterncc.edu 828.306.7045
Freya Kinner Part-Time New Century Scholars Coordinator f_kinner@southwesterncc.edu 828.339.4477
Kelli Kurczewski Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Macon Campus k_bohacek@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
Bradley McAbee Part-Time - Medical Director - EMS Curriculum Program and EMS Extension Education Program b_mcabee@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4277
Billy McConnell Assistant Instructor - LBJ Job Corps b_mcconnell@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.524.1432
Mark McFarland Assistant Instructor - LBJ Job Corps m_mcfarland@southwesterncc.edu 828.524.1440
Kristen Meador LAC Consultant - Jackson, Macon k_meador@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
Norrie Meus Macon UTAC Coordinator; Adjunct Instructor - English, History n_meus@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
Alexander Moore LAC Consultant - Jackson, Non-Peer Tutor a_moore@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4325
Randi Neff Part-Time SCC Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative Project Coordinator r_neff@southwesterncc.edu 828.339.4357
Frank Panico LAC Consultant - Macon f_panico@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
David Parker Adjunct Instructor - College and Career Readiness, Math; LAC Consultant - Macon d_parker@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4272
Matthew Reynolds LETP Scenario Training Coordinator reynolds@southwesterncc.edu 828.306.7059
Randy Rochefort Part-time Facilities Maintenance/Grounds Technician r_rochefort@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7041
Faye Shuler Part-Time Cleaning Technician I c/o 828.339.4611
Deborah Smith Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Macon Campus dl_smith@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
Amber Upton Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Teaching and Learning Support, LAC Consultant - Jackson a_upton@southwesterncc.edu
George Whisnant Non-Peer Tutor g_whisnant@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.339.4325
Joan Willis Part-Time Macon LAC Coordinator j_willis@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7028
Tremaine Wilson LAC Consultant - Macon t_wilson@southwesterncc.edu c/o 828.306.7001
Christy Wyatt Work-Based Learning Coordinator c_wyatt@southwesterncc.edu 828.339.4482