Faculty Handbook

Census Date Activity


The NC Community College system requires students to participate in classes by the course Census Date, which occurs 10% into the term.(http://www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/sites/default/files/legal/sbccc/code/1g_sbccc_200.93.pdf)
To demonstrate appropriate attendance and punctuality, students should complete the following activities:
  • Every student regardless of location or mode of delivery must attend at least one face-to-face class meeting or complete one assignment/activity for an online class by the census date or will be reported by the instructor as “never attended.”
  • A student who has never attended a class by the ten percent (10%) date is no longer enrolled in the class and will not earn credit or receive a tuition refund for the course.
  • To locate the census date, login to MySCC and go to WebAdvisor / Faculty/Class Roster. The Census date is located on the top, gray table under the column entitled "Census." The Registrar's Office will ask you to record Web-Attendance according to this date.
  • Students in online / web-centered courses must actively participate in the course; logging in or emailing the instructor is not sufficient for the census activity.  Student completion of an activity must be recorded as the first item in the Grade Center.
This link takes you to a tutorial that explains how to determine your course census date.