College Committees

Student Life Committee


The Student Life Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of Student Life and Student Activities programming at the college. The committee has responsibility for developing an annual calendar of student life and activity events and will assist in monitoring the spending of the Student Activity fees paid by students. The committee will have oversight of the formation and activities of student clubs and organizations. Committee membership includes representation from students, faculty and staff.

  • Chair – Cheryl Contino-Conner, Dean of Students
  • Dominique Benson, Director of Student Support Services
  • Kristan Blanton, Student Services Director - Macon
  • Thom Brooks, Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
  • William Brothers, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Lori Clancy, Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Treatment Program Coordinator and Instructor
  • Tori Addington-Ellison. College Success Coach/Advisor
  • Tyler Goode, Director of Public Relations
  • Starr Hogan, Events Technician
  • AJ Morris, Educational Support Specialist
  • Danell Moses, Dean of Career Technologies
  • Debra Ray, Cosmetology Instructor
  • Vacant - Faculty Senate