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Associate in Fine Arts

Nantahala School for the Arts

Our program allows students to experience the legacy of Appalachian art and craft, including Native arts, folk art, and contemporary arts and crafts. Through visiting artists and the art gallery, students are exposed to a variety of art forms and techniques. These experiences facilitate the development of students with strong visual voices, exceptional craftsmanship skills, and deepened understanding of their role in the regional art market.

Degrees & Certificates

Students have the option of earning an Associate in Fine Arts degree or concentrations in craft through our Heritage Arts Certificates. Students may take courses from both programs if their schedule permits.
Continuing education classes are offered in both contemporary and traditional crafts such as ceramics, printmaking, book arts, and weaving. For information on a specific class, please visit our website.

Gallery & Events

The Nantahala School for the Arts is located at the Swain Center of Southwestern Community College. In addition to classes, we offer a variety of public events to engage visitors and the community. From weekend craft shows to folk music and dancing, our events showcase the rich regional culture. The gallery hosts 10-12 annual art exhibitions, ranging from solo shows to historical exhibitions reflecting the rich traditions of the Southern Appalachians.

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