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Skill preparation for college curriculum classes

Transition Studies is the integration of courses and support services guided by the principles of adult learning and development. The purpose of the Transition Studies program is to provide an educational opportunity for students to increase their skills in preparation for college curriculum courses. Transition courses are designed to provide individual and group instruction in the areas of reading, English, and mathematics.

These courses are required for students who do not meet the placement requirements for college level courses. Transition courses are sometimes recommended to students who may need additional academic support even though they meet placement requirements. 

Transition courses are open to students on a year-round basis.

Upon course completion, students will have developed:
1. Academic skills in the areas of reading, English, and/or mathematics.
2. Expanded vocabulary and higher-level thinking skills.
3. Responsibility for effective time management, learning styles, and study strategies.
4. Enhanced self-confidence, positive attitude, motivation, and commitment to learning.
5. Basic computer and keyboarding skills.

Please call 828.339.4272 or the enrollment center 828.339.4352 for additional information.

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