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Have you received a minor traffic ticket recently?

If you have received a speeding citation, enroll in our four-hour Defensive Driving class. You may save money on your insurance, keep points off your license and sharpen your driving skills. This program was designed by the National Safety and Health Council and is offered by Southwestern Community College and Ashley Welch, District Attorney of the 30th Judicial District.

Defensive Driving

(4 hr.) COST: $75 NON-Refundable
This course will motivate drivers to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. It will give them key skills and techniques to avoid collisions and reduce future violations. The result is a more responsible driver who grasps best practices to prevent injury and death while operating a motor vehicle. 

Some of the violations eligible are speeding, failing to reduce speed, exceeding safe speed, failure to reduce speed, stop sign violation, unsafe movement, red light violation, improper passing, improper use of traffic lane, failure to give turn signal, driving left of center, failure to burn or dim headlights and crossing median.

Drivers are not eligible if they have a commercial driver’s license and the violation occurred while they were operating a commercial vehicle. Drivers are also ineligible if an accident was involved that resulted in personal injury to someone of resulted in property damage in excess of $1,000. Other restrictions may apply.

Completion of the National Safety Council’s Four-Hour Defensive Driving Course for an eligible traffic violation may prevent assessment of insurance points or premium surcharges on you insurance policy and/or points on your North Carolina Driver’s License.  You must verify eligibility with the clerk of court and your insurance company.  

You are NOT eligible for this program if...

  • You completed the class in exchange for a Prayer for Judgment Continued
  • **Speed Zones 35 mph or less (up to 20 mph over limit)
  • **Speed Zones 45 mph or more (up to 15 mph over limit)

A “Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC)” means the determination of guilt by the court though no sentence has been imposed.  With respect to a PJC for any moving violation, there shall be no insurance premium surcharge nor any assessment of points unless the vehicle owner, principal operator, or any licensed operator in the owner’s household has a driving record consisting of a PJC for any moving violation during the three years immediately preceding the date of application or the preparation of the renewal.  GS 58-36-75(f)

Anyone may take advantage of this class, even if you have not received a violation. The benefit of taking a defensive driving course is being able to keep you and other drivers safe on the road. You will refresh your own safe driving techniques, and pick up on some techniques to help avoid and alert others with unsafe driving practices while you’re driving.  Excellent information is included for all drivers, including new drivers.

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving

(8 hr.) COST: $125 NON-Refundable
If you have been charged with one of the violations listed below, you may qualify for the Defensive Driving (8 hr.) Class. DDC-ADD is an 8-hour course that addresses the attitudes and behaviors of the negligent driver. Interactive exercises, lectures, visuals and thought provoking discussions are used to teach responsibility on the road. The DDC-ADD class must be completed within the time ordered by the court.

You may be eligible for this program if your traffic citation is for:
•   Careless and reckless - 20-141.6
•   Speeding in a school zone - 20-141.1
•   Speeding in a work zone - 20-141 (j2)
•   Speeding more than 20 mph over posted speed limit

***You must have written permission from the Office of the District Attorney

Self-Supporting. Self-Supporting classes are not eligible for refunds.



  • Refunds will NOT be granted for failure to attend class.


EMAIL for additional questions or information.

**You will need to bring your citation and driver’s license when you register**

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