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Professional Licensure Disclosures

Please contact specific Professional Licensing Boards to learn about the required licensing or certification for your desired program.  If you are not a resident of North Carolina and you are considering a program that leads to professional licensure or certification and you do not plan to use the licensure or certification in North Carolina, please contact the department chair or program director that corresponds with your desired program. They can help you determine if the professional licensure or certification is accepted in the state(s) you plan to work in after graduation.

Some Workforce Continuing Education programs at Southwestern Community College lead to a license and/or certification in North Carolina. Beginning July 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education regulations require disclosures for all programs that meet the educational requirements for licensure or certification. Disclosures will be provided for all states and will indicate whether the program meets the State educational requirements for licensure or certification, does not meet the state educational requirements for licensure or certification, or a determination has not been made.

Information regarding professional licensure for degree granting programs can be found on our State Authorization page.


Your local contact for these programs are:

Curtis Dowdle
Dean of Public Safety Training


Your local contact for these programs are:

Scott Sutton
Dean of Workforce Continuing Education
800.447.4091, ext. 4296

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