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The Speed Measuring Instrument (SMI) Training Program at SCC-PSTC is comprised of Basic RADAR, LIDAR Operator and RADAR and LIDAR Operator Re-Certification Training.  Training is for those seeking initial certification as well as re-certification to operator Speed Measuring Instruments in North Carolina.  For course description click on the links provided to include training schedule.

Speed Measurement Training Schedule for 2024-2025(Click for more information)

Basic RADAR Operator Certification Training: This 5-day training course is for Officers seeking certification to operate RADAR in North Carolina. (Click for more information)

Basic LIDAR Operator Certification Training: This course is for officers seeking certification to operate LIDAR in North Carolina. (Click for more information)

RADAR Operator / LIDAR Operator Re-Certification Training:  A (two day) course for officers seeking re-certification to operate RADAR and/or RADAR/LIDAR in North Carolina. (Click for more information)

For more information and registration instructions please contact:

Curtis Dowdle
Dean of Public Safety Training

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