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Various courses are offered in cooperation with individual fire and rescue departments in the Jackson County, Macon County, Swain County and Qualla Boundary service area. Specific courses are designed to increase the firefighter’s technical knowledge and improve his or her skills in fire ground operation. Classes may be offered according to the needs of each fire department.  In addition, SCC offers the nationally recognized firefighter certification program and the rescue certification program. The training curriculum is based on the NFPA 1001 & NFPA 1006 standards.

The Fire and Rescue Training Facility is located adjacent to the Public Safety Training Complex at 225 Industrial Park Loop, Franklin, NC 28734. This 4,100 square foot, three-story live burn building is designated for a variety of training exercises. Both fire and smoke exercises can be conducted in and on the structure and rescue operations can be simulated throughout the building. SCC will coordinate training for firefighters and rescue personnel in the region and will be responsible for the scheduling of this facility.


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Fire/Rescue Program Director/Coordinator/Instructor
800.447.4091, ext. 7045

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