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Faculty and Staff Advancement Advisory Committee

The Faculty and Staff Advancement Advisory Council serves primarily to provide insight and advice to SCC Foundation Leadership while also advocating internally and externally for the College's fundraising arm to help ensure educational excellence at the College.

  • Chair – Mark Ellison, Dean of Students
  • Jennifer Ashlock, Health Sciences Academic Advisor/Tutor Liaison
  • Jennifer Barfield, Office Administration/MOA Lead Instructor
  • Susan Cain, Communications Instructor
  • Donna Conner, Nurse Aide Program Coordinator
  • Tyler Goode, Director of Public Relations
  • Sheryl Monroe, Employment and Benefits Specialist
  • Melanie Phillips, College and Career Readiness Coordinator
  • Kathy Posey, Institutional Development Associate
  • Lisa Sizemore, Director of Human Resources
  • Pamela Smith, Paralegal Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Kimi Walker, Nursing Instructor
  • Penny Wells, Health Information Technology Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Brett Woods, Director of SCC Foundation


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