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Resource Accessibility Committee

The Resource Accessibility Committee's mission is to guide the College in creating educational resources that are accessible to students, faculty, and staff of all abilities. It is the purpose of this committee to assess SCC's resources for accessibility to persons with disabilities, develop a plan to ensure adherence to standards of accessibility, and provide support in the ongoing implementation, evaluation, and revision of that plan. The committee will also share resources for faculty and staff to learn about Federal accessibility guidelines and help eliminate barriers to participation in College services and activities with the goal of making our campuses more accessible to all.

  • Chair – Erin McCully, Director of Learner Accessibility and Equity
  • Scott Baker, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Erin Bock, Physical Therapist Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Scott Cline - Faculty Senate, Information Technology Programs Chair/Instructor
  • Mark Ellison, Dean of Students
  • Bethany Emory, Dean of Teaching and Learning Support
  • Freya Kinner, Learner Accessibility and Equity Advocate
  • Sarah Spann, Public Relations Assistant
  • Danielle Stevens, Instructional Technologist
  • Torrie Tatum, Librarian
  • Patty Wall, User Support Manager
  • Brett Woods, Director of SCC Foundation
  • Vacant, Education Technology Specialist


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