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Online Programs

The following programs have the option to complete all required courses online / web-centered.

If you are interested in taking online courses at SCC, please see our E-Learning Students page.


Associate of Arts

A10100 Associate in Arts - College Transfer

Associate of Applied Science

A25800 Accounting & Finance
A25120 Business Administration
A25120ET Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
 A25370 Business Administration - Office Administration
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology
A55210 Cyber Crime Technology
A55220EC Early Childhood Education
A55220BK Early Childhood Education - BK Licensure
A55220NT Early Childhood Education - Non-Teaching Licensure Transfer
A25590N Information Technology - Network Management
A25590SD Information Technology - Software & Web Development
A25590SS Information Technology - Support & Services
A25310 Medical Office Administration


C25800 Accounting & Finance
C258002 Accounting & Finance - Payroll Accounting
C258003 Accounting & Finance - Tax Accounting
C25120 Business Administration
C25120ET Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
C25370 Business Administration - Office Administration
C55180 Criminal Justice Technology
C55210 Cyber Crime Technology
C55850 Early Childhood Administration
C55220EC Early Childhood Education
C55860 Early Childhood Preschool
C453601 Health Information Technology Health Informatics
C55290 Infant/Toddler Care
C25590N Information Technology - CISCO
C25590N2 Information Technology - Network Management - Operating System
C25590SD Information Technology - Software & Web Development - Programming
C25590SS Information Technology - Support & Services - User Support
C403503 Mechatronics General Education
C45400 Medical Assisting Certificate


D25800 Accounting & Finance
D2512O Business Administration
D25370 Business Administration - Office Administration
D25310 Medical Office Administration

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