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Learning Assistance comprises in-house help provided by Jackson/Macon LACs and online help provided by the LACs and Thinkingstorm.

Mission:  The Learning Assistance mission is to foster the development of critical-thinking skills, successful habits, independent learning, and positive self-efficacy that enable students to become lifelong learners and achieve success in future careers.

Vision:  The vision for Learning Assistance is to be recognized by SCC students, faculty and staff as providing valuable academic-support services.

According to a Fall 2023 survey, 89% of students who used the Jackson LAC were satisfied with the in-house/online assistance they received; 100% were satisfied with the Macon LAC's assistance. Test proctoring provided by both LACs earned a 100% rating.

During Fall 2023, 85% of students who used drop-in or by appointment help provided by Jackson LAC tutors passed the course(s) for which they gained assistance. Statistics prove that the earlier students seek help, the greater their success.

ThinkingStorm's online live tutoring earned a 94% success rate during Spring Semester 2023; its spring aggregated rating is 89%.

Twenty-seven of 30 MAT 152 students (90%) who took advantage of Jackson LAC and/or TS help at least once during 2022-23 earned a C or higher in the course.


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