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Club and Activity Policies

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Policy 3.03.06 - Student and Club Fundraiser Activities

Policy 6.04.05 - Student Clubs and Organizations

Procedure - Student Clubs and Organizations Official Recognition

Clubs and Organizations
Students are encouraged to form clubs and organizations focusing on special interests or curriculum programs. Although clubs have membership requirements, no organization at SCC discriminates on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, nationality or political preference.

Official Recognition–Benefits
Student clubs and organizations must apply for and receive official college recognition. The benefits derived from official recognition are:
  •  Access to the College’s facilities at no or low cost for club activities and events.
  •  Permission to conduct events to solicit funds on campus.
  •  Defined financial support from the Student Life Committee.
Official Recognition–Requirements
In return for official recognition, the clubs are required to meet the following obligations:
  • Abide by all rules and regulations published by the College including the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Can not discriminate, in selecting members and in promoting activities, on basis of race, color, gender, age, disability, religion, nationality or political preference.
  • Must have an active faculty or staff member as advisor.
  • Must meet the requirements for receiving official recognition from the College.
Forming a Club for Official Recognition
Students seeking to form clubs that are officially recognized by the college MUST complete the following items and MUST complete an annual update of officers. Forms for both processes are available online or through the Office of Student Services. All students must be actively enrolled.
  • List of 5 or more students (with contact information) who are members
  • List of the primary officers (e.g., President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer) and their contact information
  • Identify the faculty/staff member who has agreed to serve as advisor with their contact information
  • The purpose and objectives of the club
  • The annual activities of the club
  • A description of how members are admitted to the club and how officers are selected
  • A statement signed by the officers on behalf of the club agreeing to abide by all College rules and regulations and agreeing to participate in Club Council meetings and programs
Once all items are submitted to the Dean of Students, clubs will receive official recognition.
If clubs are inactive for a two year period all remaining funds in the club account must be returned to the Student Life account via a check made out to SCC Student Life account. This return to funds should be communicated with the Dean of Students.
Use of Facilities
Clubs with official College recognition may reserve campus facilities for activities and events.
  • To reserve the use of non-instructional rooms/facilities, contact the Information Center at 339.4201 or via email at for the Jackson campus or Ed Nagy at 306.7017 or via email at for the Macon Campus.
  • To reserve the use of classrooms, contact the following office as appropriate:
Balsam (Jackson) – April Fouweather, 339.4305
Founders & Summit (Jackson) – Danell Moses, 339.4341
Oaks & Bradford (Jackson) – Jill Wolfe, 339.4300
Macon Campus – Ed Nagy, 306.7017

Bulletin Board Guidelines:
SCC Student Life seeks to provide the campus community with an avenue to reach out to SCC students, faculty, and staff.
Bulletin boards on Southwestern Community College campuses are part of the college’s official strategic communications plan. They are intended for posting of news and events targeted toward current SCC students and are reserved primarily for use of internal college clubs, departments, and organizations.

All postings of SCC college news and events sponsored by college clubs, departments, and organizations (with appropriate content) may be posted by representatives of those organizations without prior approval

Off Campus groups/persons:
Off Campus groups/persons interested in promoting activities on SCC bulletin boards must receive an approval stamp, and review posting guidelines prior to posting information. Off campus groups have a 30 day posting limit for approved items. See Information Center Coordinator, Balsam Lobby. Information promoting off-campus activities without the proper approval stamp will be promptly removed.

SCC displays two types of bulletin boards: General Boards and Program Boards.
Program Bulletin Boards are created to market a specific program. General information postings are NOT allowed on Program Bulletin Boards. General information found on these boards will be promptly removed.

Guidelines for posting on General Bulletin Boards:
Posting is allowed under the following guidelines that are intended to ensure maximum opportunities for information dissemination and to minimize damage to campus facilities, littering, and posting of unauthorized material.
One poster per event is allowed, per bulletin board. Multiple posters will be removed.
Push pins are not provided, organizations posting events should bring their own push pins.
Posters covering other posters will be removed.
Maximum Flyer Size: 11’’ x 17’’
Posters should be promptly removed (within three days) after the event has occurred.

Materials for hanging flyers can cause damage to property on campus. Painted walls in buildings and glass on windows/doors are sensitive to adhesive materials and cause damage easily. Walls and doors (that don’t belong to individual office occupants), windows, ceilings, floors, elevators, trash receptacles, trees, light standards, permanent signs, other interior or exterior building surfaces, and similar locations are not appropriate places for posters. Posters found in such places will be removed by physical plant staff. If your group is found posting in such areas, you will be warned to stop. If posting continues in these areas you will lose posting privileges.

Solicitation and Fund Raising
Clubs with official College recognition may conduct fundraisers on campuses. Club officers and advisors must review the following limitations before proceeding any fund raising activity. Per SCC policy 3.03.04, Resource Development Strategies/Gift Acceptance: No individual or unit of the College shall solicit gifts or grants in the name of or on behalf of the College until and unless authorized to do so by the President or his/her designees.
  • Raffles – The NC General Statutes consider raffles as a form of gambling and are generally unlawful in the state of North Carolina. Student Life Club Raffles are prohibited at SCC.
  • Textbooks or Instructional Materials – Prohibited by SCC Policy 3.2 unless approved in advance. See the Dean of Students for details.
  • Food – Based upon NC Health Dept Sanitation requirements, clubs and organizations may sell ONLY pre-packaged food items, professionally prepared, pre-wrapped items and beverages in sealed containers. Examples of these items include bottled/canned soft drinks, pre-wrapped sub sandwiches, wrapped/ packaged desserts, etc. Muffins or cookies must be pre-packaged. The sale of food prepared or assembled at point of sale, such items as tacos, hot dogs, chili, sandwiches, etc., is prohibited. 
  • All fundraising activities must be placed on the clubs and organizations calendar one week prior to the event.
Clubs and organizations are encouraged to use alternate methods of fund raising for their activities. For advice on sales, contact the Dean of Students.

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