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Student/Faculty Concerns

The Learner Accessibility & Equity (LAE) Office is available as a resource to assist students, faculty and staff with informal problem solving or dispute resolutions.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Learner Accessibility & Equity Advocate ( if there is a concern or grievance regarding the quality, absence of, or reliability of approved accommodations.
  • The LAE office relies on the faculty to provide curriculum standards for guidance in determining when an accommodation is not deemed reasonable due to “fundamental alterations in course standards.”
  • Curriculum heads are encouraged to notify the LAE office ( when concerns arise regarding recommended accommodations.
  • The LAE office will work with the student and faculty/staff member to understand
    • their respective concerns,
    • explain pertinent aspects of the accommodation, and
    • will remain open to appropriate flexibility without compromising the rights or needs of students with disabilities.

Should a disability-related dispute not be resolvable in a timely manner using the process above, students are able to follow SCC Complaint/Grievance Procedures:

  1. Individuals are encouraged to resolve concerns or grievances at the informal level with the individual(s) involved, as outlined in Policy 6.03.05: Student Grievance.
  2. Any individual wishing to file a complaint or grievance with SCC must use the Student Complaint Information Sheet and Form and submit it to the appropriate Dean as outlined in the SCC Complaint/Grievance Procedures.
  3. Formal grievance resolution will be followed as outlined in Policy 6.03.05.

If the attempt for resolution of a disability-related complaint is unsuccessful following the procedures and policy outlined above, individuals have the option to file a complaint through the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR)


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