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Critical Incident Response Planning Team

This group is charged with providing leadership in the event of a critical incident on campus. Emphasis is placed on prevention, and communication for the campus if an event were to occur.

  • Co-Chair – Curtis Dowdle, Dean of Public Safety Training

  • Co-Chair – Megan Nicholson, Emergency Services/Safety Coordinator
  • Secretary - Sheryl Monore, Employment and Benefits Specialist
  • Scott Baker, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Jordan Beck, Jackson County Sheriff Deputy - Campus Resource Officer
  • Thom Brooks, Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
  • Sheila Davis, Student Counselor
  • Mark Ellison, Dean of Students
  • Lisa Kim Fisher, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Tyler Goode, Director of Public Relations
  • Keith Hyatt, Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Melanie Jacobs, Jackson County Early College Principal
  • Elaine Merritt, Interim Director of Macon Campus Operations
  • Caleb Parham, Macon Early College Principal
  • Sam Plaster, Jackson County Sheriff Sergeant - Campus Resource Officer
  • Bryan Singleton, Director of Human Resources
  • Don Tomas, President
  • Joe Waldrum, Assistant Comptroller/Facilities Development
  • Renea Winchester, Administrative Assistant - Enrollment Services
  • Vacant, Macon County Sherriff Deputy - Campus Resources Officer

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