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The purpose of the Community Service Committee is to facilitate volunteer opportunities for interested faculty, staff, and students who wish to contribute to their communities. The committee will identify and coordinate participation of college employees in one or two larger community service projects each year.

  • Chair - Melissa Allison Brooks, Medical Assisting Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Chris Akers, E-Learning Specialist
  • Amanda Allen, Human Resources Administrator
  • Kim Argo, Radiography Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Donna Conner, Nurse Aide Program Coordinator
  • Pam Ensley, Cosmetology Instructor
  • Benjamin Haines, Administrative Assistant - Admissions
  • Dawn Harrison, Information Technologies Instructor
  • Devonne Jimison, Coordinator of High School Equivalency Testing/Literacy Instructor
  • Annette Kesgen, Upward Bound Director
  • Erin McCully, Director of Learner Accessibility and Equity
  • Michael McIntosh, Biology Instructor
  • Erica Muse, Upward Bound Academic Advisor
  • Barbara Putman, Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • Cheryl Renfro, Upward Bound Academic Advisor
  • Amy Russ, Transition English Instructor
  • Danielle Stevens, Instructional Technologist - Public Safety Training Center
  • Amber Sutton, Health Information Technology Instructor
  • Vacant, Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Coordinator
  • Vacant, Medical Sonography Clinical Coordinator/Instructor
  • Vacant, Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Treatment Program Coordinator

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Committee Meeting Minutes

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