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American novelist, short-story writer, and journalist Ernest Hemingway is credited with saying, “Money is important – with it you can do things that are more important than money.” We believe he is right – especially when it comes to the "good stuff” that the SCC family does for the people and communities of the region.
Funding to support our important work comes from a number of sources – including the regular college budget and external sources. The regular college budget is comprised of funding from the North Carolina Community College System, county appropriations, and tuition & fees. These funding sources are augmented by public/private grants, and donations from companies, organizations and individuals – through the SCC Foundation and Office for Grant Activities.
Inspired by the words of Hemingway, the college has developed a two-part procedure to help facilitate an open, thoughtful and responsive budget planning and funding assistance process. We hope this framework provides ample opportunities for you to share your needs – and dreams – with the college community.
 Explore the following links for important information regarding funding, budget and resource development here at Southwestern Community College:

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