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The Curriculum and Instruction Committee is responsible for reviewing matters related to the operation of the college's educational (curriculum) programs. Some of the specific duties of the committee are to make recommendations regarding the approval of new programs, the approval of curriculum revisions for existing programs and to provide guidance/positions on related academic matters.

  • Chair – Hilary Seagle, Mathematics Instructor
  • Dominique Barwatt, Director of Student Support Services
  • Erin Bock, Physical Therapist Assistant Program Coordinator & Instructor
  • Abra Brooks, Dental Assisting Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Thom Brooks (ex-officio), Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
  • Sayward Cabe (ex-officio), Financial Aid Director
  • Betsy Clayton (ex-officio), Administrative Assistant - Instruction and Student Services
  • Mark Ellison (ex-officio), Dean of Students
  • Bethany Emory (ex-officio), Dean of Teaching and Learning Support
  • Melissa Hyatt, Dean of Health Sciences
  • Clyanne Hyde (ex-officio), Director of Student Records/Registrar
  • Pamela Judson (ex-officio), Pre-Health Science Success Coach
  • Danell Moses, Dean of Career Technologies
  • Meg Petty, Radiography Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Barbara Putman, Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • William Rowland, Automotive Systems Technology Instructor
  • Vicki Todd, Mathematics Instructor
  • Paul Wolf, Outdoor Leadership Program Coordinator/Instructor

Committee Meetings

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